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Battery Ship Mode setting (Battery Disconnect) - UEFI / BIOS Setup Information and Configuration Tools


After storing PC's for a longer period, the batteries may not work and cannot be recovered.

The reason for this behavior is a slow discharge of batteries, even when the PC's are powererd off. In case the PC's are stored long enough without charging the batteries, capacity level or cell voltage can reach a critical threshold where the batteries will no longer function and cannot be recharged. This behavior is by design, to ensure safe and reliable usage of batteries.


        New PC's are shipped with the batteries in Battery Disconnect or Battery Ship Mode* to minimizes electrical discharge of the batteries.
        This mode allow the battery to remain operational for longer, compared to simply powering the PC off. However, once the PC has been powered 
        on it automatically exits shipping mode (when powering on the PC for the first time, ensure it is attached to AC power).

        * Not available on all models. Description of the mode may vary.


The feature Battery Disconnect or Battery Ship Mode can be configured either by accessing the UEFI / BIOS Setup Utility to change it manually or enable the mode using dedicated, Windows* based utilities. Using this mode, by minimizing the electrical discharge of batteries, it allow the battery to remain operational for a longer period. For details, about how to access and use the UEFI / BIOS Setup Utility, please check the model specific information in the user manual or below instruction. 



* Windows PE, Windows 10 x32 or x64 [depending on the tool ]



 General precautions for changing BIOS settings

Be careful when you change the BIOS settings. If certain BIOS settings are not correctly configured, it is possible that:

If changes made to the BIOS result in system malfunction or undesired system performance, enter the BIOS again and press F9 to load Setup Defaults.



   Battery Ship Mode BIOS Configuration

      1. The BIOS Setup Screen can be accessed by pressing the F2 key when the Dynabook logo appears at boot time.
      2. Next, depending on the model, either select "Advanced" or "Exit" and choose "Battery Disconnect" or "Disable Built-in Battery, and Power Off"

        / BIOS Setup Utility and
        Battery Ship Mode (Battery Disconnect) setting

      3. In case the unit is not powering off itselfpress F10 to save and exit BIOS.
      4. If successful, you are not able to power on the unit when it is not attached to AC power.
      5. As soon as you attach the AC adapter, the unit can be powered on as usual.                                                                                                                 



   Battery Disconnect / Battery Ship Mode Configuration Utilities

Below you will find different, model specific utilities to enable or modify the Battery Disconnect- or Battery Ship Mode feature. The utilities, for example, can be used in a deployment script.


  1.   Battery ShipMode Config Tool

      • Command line switch to read current battery off mode:
        BatteryOffMode.exe /G

        [exit code 0 means enabled, and exit code 1 means disabled ]
      • Command line switch to set current battery off mode:
        BatteryOffMode.exe /S

        [exit code 0 means battery off mode is enabled successfully ]
      • To display the exit code, you can type below command right after above command:
        Echo %errorlevel%

        File Download:

        This tool is supporting following models:
        • Portege A**-E series and later
        • Portege R**-E series and later
        • Portege  X**-F series and later
        • Portege Z**-E series and later
        • Tecra ***-F series and later
        • Satellite Pro A**-E series and later
        • Satellite Pro R**-E series and later

  2.   Battery ShipMode Config Tool
            [Satellite Pro C - Series ]

    This tool is supporting following models:
      • Satellite Pro C40-G, C40-H, C50-E, C50-H

  3.   Battery ShipMode Config Tool
          [Satellite Pro L - Series ]

    This tool is supporting following models:
      • Satellite Pro L40-G, L50-G, L50-J





Because the following models do not support the Battery Ship Mode function from UEFI / BIOS side, the tool is not supported by following models / part numbers:

Tecra / Satellite Pro A50-C, A50-D, R50-C, R50-D, Z50-C, Z50-D:
PS581,PS582,PS585,PS586,PS587,PS588,PS589,PS58A,PS58B,PS58C,PS58M,PT581,PT582,PT583,PT584,PZC5H,PZC5J,PZC5L, PS571,PS572,PS573,PS574,PS575,PS576,PS577,PS578,PS579,PS57A,PS57B,PS57C,PS57D,PS57E,PS57F,PS57G,PS57H, PS57J,PS57K,PS57L,PS57M,PS57N,PT571,PT572,PT573,PT574,PT575,PT576,PT577,PT578

Portege A30-C, A30T-C: PT361,PT362,PT363,PT364,PT365,PT366,PT367,PT368,PT369,PT36A,PT36B,PT36C,PT36D,PT36E,PT36F

Portege A30-D, A30T-D: PT381,PT382,PT383,PT384,PT385,PT386,PT387,PT388,PT389,PT38A,PT38B,PT38C,PT38D

Portege X40-D, X40-E: PT471,PT472,PT473,PT474 PT481,PT482,PT483,PT484

Portege X30-D, X30-E: PT271,PT272,PT273,PT274,PT281,PT282,PT283,PT284

Tecra / Satellite Pro A50-E, R50-E, Z50-E, A50-EC, R50-EC: PS591,PS592,PS595,PS596,PS597,PS598,PS599,PS59A,PS59B,PS59C,PT591,PT592,PT593,PT594,PS59M

Portege X30T-E: PT17A,PT17B,PT17C,PT17D,PT17E,PT17F,PT17G,PT17H

Portege A40-C, R40-C, A40-D, R40-D: PS461,PS462,PS463,PS464,PS465,PS466,PS46A,PS46B,PS46C, PS481,PS482,PS483,PS484,PS485,PS486

Tecra Z40-C: PT461,PT462,PT463,PT464,PT465,PT466,PT46A,PT46B,PT46C

Portege Z30-C: PT261,PT262,PT263,PT264,PT265,PT266,PT26A,PT26B,PT26C



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