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Installation methods for dynabook Component Packages containing *.inf Device Drivers

Methods for administrators to add-, install- or delete   dynabook componet packages containing *.inf device drivers.


To add-, install- or delete driver packages using a INF text file, which contain all the information that device installation components used to install a driver, PNPUtil (PNPUtil.exe) command line tool can be used. PNPUtil is included in every Windows version.


Add driver package(s) into the driver store and install:

    1. Open a Command Prompt window (Run as administrator)
    2. Type:
      PNPUtil.exe /add-driver driver.inf /install
    3. Driver will be added to the driver store and installed


PNPUtil Examples:

  pnputil /add-driver x:\driver.inf
  pnputil /add-driver c:\oem\*.inf
  pnputil /add-driver device.inf /install
  pnputil /enum-drivers                   
  pnputil /delete-driver oem0.inf         
  pnputil /delete-driver oem1.inf /force  
  pnputil /export-driver oem6.inf .       
  pnputil /export-driver * c:\backup

<- Add driver package
<- Add multiple driver packages
<- Add and install driver package
<- Enumerate OEM driver packages
<- Delete driver package
<- Force delete driver package
<- Export driver package
<- Export all driver packages

Further information about PNPutil command syntax, please see following Microsoft pages:



Silent Installation of dynabook TC*.exe Component Packages

To silently install  dynabook component packages (file name syntax "TC*.exe") instead of using the *.inf driver file, please check the following document which contain all available command line switches (SCCM compatible):



Silent Installation of dynabook BIOS Package

To silently install  dynabook BIOS packages (file name syntax "P****v***.exe"), please check the following document which contain all available command line switches:


When using Powershell instead of the standard command prompt, please check below information:


  Powershell Syntax

Add following syntax in Powershell / script to install all *.inf driver from a specific folder:

  Get-ChildItem "C:\dynabook\" -Recurse -Filter "*.inf" | 
  ForEach-Object { PNPUtil.exe /add-driver $_.FullName /install }

If driver installation should depend on dedicated model, following syntax can be used to check model part number and next, to install the driver only for this particular part number.



  Powershell Script Example

#model part number check for PT272E
if (gwmi win32_computersystemproduct | % {$_.version} | Where-Object {'%PT272E%'})      

     #model part number check for PT272E = TRUE / model pa found
Write-Host "Model part number check ok. Drivers will be installed."          
# Output text
Get-ChildItem "C:\dynabook\" -Recurse -Filter "*.inf" |                                         
# Search all *.inf drivers in folder C:\dynabook
ForEach-Object { PNPUtil.exe /add-driver $_.FullName /install }                   
# Install each *.inf driver, which has been found using PNPUtil

#model part number check for PT272E = WRONG / model pa not found

     # Output text
     Write-Host "Model part number check failed" 



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