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Identification of unknown hardware devices using Windows Device Manager


Even if Windows 10 Update function providing most drivers for unknown devices automatically, to keep your device running smoothly, in some cases it is necessary to identify an unknown hardware device manually.

Unknown devices, missing the correct driver to function properly, can be mainly seen when performing a clean Windows 10 installation. In this document, we will describe how to identify the device using the Windows 10 device manager in combination with online databases *.


* Mentioned online database(s) in this article are just used as example. Various similar databases can be found online.


   How to check the PC for any unknown device

    1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Device Manager, then select from the menu and open:

    2. Device Manager will open in a new window. 
    3. In case any unknown device is listed, like in the picture below, it is marked with a yellow exclamation mark. In this example a unknown network controller is listed:



   Find the Vendor- and Device ID of an unknown device

    1. Double click the unknown device in the device manager.
    2. A new window, showing details of the unknown device, will open.
    3. Click on the tab Details and select Hardware-IDs in the drop down menu:

    4. To identify the device, notify the "Vendor ID (VEN_xxxx)" and the "Device ID (DEV_xxxx)". In this example, the Vendor ID (VEN_xxxx) is "8086" and the Device ID (DEV_xxxx) is "15D8"



   Using online databases to identify the unkown device, based on Vendor- and Device ID


    1. Open your webbrowser and go to *
    2. Enter the Vendor- and Device ID of your unknown device and click the search icon. The result (yellow highlighted box) will be shown below the search field:

    3. With the missing device identified, please download the specific driver via our Dynabook driver download portal ( In case your model is not listed in the driver download portal, we recommend to either obtain available drivers via Windows Update function (please check optional update section too) or access the vendor's website directly.



* Mentioned online database(s) in this article are just used as example. Various similar databases can be found online.


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